"Reese's" Almond Butter Bark

(GF, V, SF)


  • Lily’s premium dark chocolate baking chips

  • unsweetened, unsalted almond butter


  1. Boil about an inch and a half of water in a small pot. 

  2. Line a small pan with either parchment paper or aluminum foil. 

  3. Pour chocolate chips (up to you how much, I use about 1.5 cups) into a heat safe bowl (think like a thick glass bowl)!

  4. Place the bowl of chocolate chips directly over boiling water, making sure there's a sliver of room for the steam to escape from underneath the bowl. 

  5. Immediately (!!) use a rubber spatula to mix the chocolate chips over the boiling water. (You will need to use both hands to do this. Put an oven mitt on one hand to hold the bowl of chocolate chips and the other hand to stir. The bowl WILL get very hot. Balance and patience is key!) It will not take long until the chocolate chips are fully melted. Once they are, remove from heat immediately to avoid burning the chocolate. 

  6. Pour the melted chocolate onto your lined pan, and spread to desired thickness. (This will be the base of your bark.)

  7. Place the melted chocolate in the freezer for a few hours. 

  8. Once cool, spread almond butter on top of the chocolate to desired thickness. Place in the freezer once again. 

  9. Optional: Repeat steps 3-6 once more to drizzle on top of the almond butter layer, or to fully encapsulate the almond butter. Or simply add some chocolate chips on top like I did in the photo :)

  10. Break up into pieces with the back of a knife to create a "bark" look. 

  11. Enjoy!

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