Crystalized sulfur is one of the most powerful products on the planet for detoxification, liver support, and lowering inflammation. If you're battling chronic inflammation, acne or hormone imbalance, this is your new BFF. It's also REALLY fun to travel through TSA with it (make sure you allot a little extra time because it straight up looks like #drugs). Extra points if you take a swig in front of them to prove you're not a drug dealer.


One of the oldest natural remedies for detoxification! Charcoal works to bind everything in the gut and eliminate it from the body (which is why it is best taken not with other beneficial supplements nor during meals). Also an incredible tool if you or a friend is experiencing alcohol poisoning or gluten slip!

Integrative Therapeutics: Amazon


New Chapter's Every Woman Multivitamin is phenomenal. Plant-based, easily digestible and can even be taken on an empty stomach!  This vitamin maintains a lightweight feel but still loaded with alllllllll the goods. Don't believe me? Read their NF's.

Thrive Market, Whole Foods, Sprouts, Amazon


Welcome to the 21st century. PROBIOTICS ARE SO IMPORTANT. THEY ARE YOUR WELL BEING. Ok sorry... 

Some fan favorites:

- Thrive Probiotics (pictured)

- Klaire Labs

- Renew Life, Ultimate Flora 

- VSL #3

Whole Foods, Thrive Market, Sprouts, general grocery store


Lypo spheric Vitamin C is the nectar of the gods. Literally. Read more about the strength of this vitamin C supplement on my article about post spring break cold fighting here.

But get you some of this good goo, especially during the winter/flu season! 



Echinacea is one powerful flower. With its antimicrobial and antiviral properties, echinacea can help shorten the duration of any cold. A serious immunity booster to keep in your all-natural, homeopathic, essential oil infused medicine cabinet at all times. 

Amazon, Whole Foods, Sprouts, Thrive, some grocery stores


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