These bars put RX, Cliff, and every other protein bar on the market to absolute shame. 

20g of grass-fed whey protein.

300 calories.

3g of sugar.

Best part? They taste like you're biting into a candy bar. Not. Kidding.


It's like beef jerky, but not sketchy.

Whole Foods, Thrive, Sprouts, most grocery stores


Some quality macro conscious, fan favorites: 

- Hi-Protein Veggie Burger, Pea Protein (frozen)

- Reduced Guilt Chunky Guacamole with Greek yogurt

- Uncured turkey bacon 

- Pineapple salsa

- Riced cauliflower 

- Plain nuts

- Frozen grilled cauliflower

- Shredded almond cheese alternative

Trader Joe's


Basically empty calories just so you can get your crunch fix goin'.


1 rice cake= 25 calories. We love that. 

Whole Foods, Thrive, Sprouts, general grocery store


This is simple a general rule of thumb that has helped me in establishing  macro conscious eating habits. It is so, so beneficial to eat snacking foods that are high in volume and vitamins but still low in calorie.

By this I mean, you can eat a TON of it, fuel your body, and still keep your daily calorie intake in check.


Examples: cucumbers, celery, bell peppers, spinach, lettuce, etc. Plus, these foods are so easy to eat raw, sauté, or just add to a recipe to make your meal larger, but calorie content nearly untouched  (just +30-40 kcal).

Everywhere & anywhere.


We all know that caffeine helps to suppress hunger. Whether it's biological or it helps get us moving and distracts from boredom eating - either way, we'll take it.


Coffee is incredible, but it also can lead to harmful effects on gut lining, cause hormonal imbalances, and cystic acne. In addition, coffee intake can spike insulin levels leaving us feeling shaky, rather than energized, leading to a hard crash about 3 hours later. 

That's why my favorite source for daily caffeine is Live Pure's "Energy" packets. Loaded with vitamins and made from Wheat Grass (don't worry, wheat grass is very gluten free!) - LP Energy leaves me with an all over body boost that lasts, and has never made me crash. They have 5 different incredible flavors so it never gets boring and each packet is loaded with 120mg caffeine (so don't worry - you'll get your kick). 

Also, I'd be lying if I said I've never mixed one of these with a seltzer on a night out... Seriously. That good.


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