poetry & midnight thoughts 

things to do more: 

- tap my feet to music 

- close my eyes, not when I'm trying to sleep


- ask dogs questions they can't answer 

- feel the grip of my steering wheel when I drive

 - laugh when I mess up 

- laugh my real laugh 

- take more breaks 

Jul 2016 / Sep 2019 

the hill 

Like snow,

The ribbons fall. 

Parachuting upward



Only to fall back down. 


Sweeter than cane from the stock, she glows.


Purer than cane from the stock,

she glows. 

He beams. 

His beloved. 

His bride,

Dressed anew

Like snow. 

A shout from over calls to 


A giggling child... 

But scarlet red. 

Her heart sinks,

"She doesn't know?"

"Not yet."

A giggling child, 

Scarlet red. 


Stopped abruptly

At the river bank.

Deep waters.

Dark waters.

She went.

Wading through the river,

A hand reached for her. 

With a quizzical brow, eyes shut, she held on. 

A scarlet red, once her own, now covered in His. 

A scarlet red now

Like snow. 

Feb 2012 / Oct 2019

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