"In a futile attempt to erase our past, we deprive the community of our healing gift. If we conceal our wounds out of fear and shame,


our inner darkness can neither be illuminated nor

become a light for others"

- Brennan Manning


the who behind

meet jess moe

For years, the Los Angeles fast-paced lifestyle met me with spiritual depletion and chronic illness. 

It wasn't until I trudged my way through spiritual healing and holistic medicine that I found an unwavering voice in my faith and tangible answers to what can too often be deemed as "incurable" illnesses.


In my experiences and in what you will often read about on Bold&Beloved, I learned how to intentionally listen to the nudges of His spirit, how to tune my heart to my soul & body's needs, how food can be our strongest medicine, and ultimately, how to trust God in the complex journey through it all. 

I couldn't be more excited to walk with you along this path. I pray that God will reveal Himself and His love for you through this beautifully confusing, divinely crafted adventure you're embarking on.


You are His beloved! 

When I'm not writing, some of my favorite things include cooking & baking, volleyball, weight training, reading historical fiction, drinking tea or red wine, petting every dog I see, and singing. 

the why behind

Bold&Beloved is the byproduct of a profound story: a collision of radical faith, chronic illnesses, and holistic health & mindfulness. 

Our stories are complex: characterized by moments of joy, pain, hopelessness, and beautiful breakthroughs. Through Bold&Beloved, we hope to inspire you in the search for spiritual, mental and physical wellness through sharing personal anecdotes, reliable and corroborated research, bits of advice, and Biblical scripture for those who would like the Christian perspective. 


In what can often be a daunting journey

amidst soul searching, we hope

Bold&Beloved encourages you to find answers, brings you sense of community, and reminds you that you are empowered to be bold, and beloved by a powerful Creator. 

You are bold and beloved.

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